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Customized Training Plans

Our customized training plans are created from your

  • Past training history
  • Movement patterns & Mobility limitations
  • Body Type Goal
  • Training availability

Training Includes

  • Digital Workouts Tracked on Your Phone
  • Readiness Score Tracking
  • Total Volume Tracking
  • Workout Intensity Tracking

Customized Nutrition Plans

Your Customized nutrition plan will include

  • Food List
  • Macro Plan
  • Day by Day Meal Plan
  • Supplement Plan
  • Macro Tracking

Nutrition Plans are built from

  • Your Food Preferences
  • You Body Type Goal
  • Your Current Body Fat
  • Your Daily Activity and Exercise Routines

Check In's With A Coach
Every 2 Weeks

Your Monthly Check In's Includes

  • Nutrition, Training & Lifestyle Analytics
  • Body Fat, lean muscle, and strength reports
  • Updated training and nutrition programs
  • Homework assignments

Be A Part Of the ERA Fit Community

Compete and Socialize With the EraFit Community

  • Compete against other members for prizes
  • Chat with Members and Coaches
  • Join our weekly run club to improve you cardio.

In the ERA Fit App You Also Can

  • Review Sessions
  • Purchase Retail
  • Manage Appointments
  • Receive Referral Credits

24/7 Access to the EraFit APP


  • Progress Analytics (Body fat, muscle, strength, speed)
  • Your daily training, cardio and meals plans
  • Food log & workout tracking
  • Community member area access