Anthony Martel

Personal Trainer, Speciality Functional Training and Sports Performance

Anthony was introduced to the world of sports and fitness at the age of 9 when he began playing baseball and continued through most of his college career until the fall of 2018 when injuries cut his career short. Anthony took this as a wake-up call to take his own health and fitness seriously and transforming his physique to set an example for those around him. From that point on he became fascinated with learning about the human body and mind and how to optimize performance and longevity. Anthony graduated from Barry University with a degree in Applied Sport and Exercise Science with a minor in Sport, Exercise and Performance Psychology.

Anthony has worked with athletes, and the general population, as a trainer and has always had the same goal in mind – making his clients the healthiest and strongest versions of themselves while developing habits that can last a lifetime. Anthony enjoys focusing on functional strength training and sports performance, having had a lengthy competitive sports background.

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