Success Stories

Hazel Helm

Slim-Fit Program

  • 6 Months of Training
  • Lost 7.5% of Body Fat
  • Lost 4.9 Pounds

"Can't say enough great things about ERA FIT. As a woman in my mid 30's, I remember being so intimidated walking into a gym full of AMAZING fit bodies. I was greeted by Eric, the owner of ERA Fit. Eric quickly put my mind at ease and gave me a plan, a timeline, and the Trainer/Accountability partner to execute. I could not have guessed by 2020 I would be 15 pounds lighter and have lost 6% body fat. I have not been this fit since college!!!!!!

The trainers at this gym have literally become like family. Elke was my trainer, therapist (LOL), and motivation when I felt myself hitting walls. She has since become one of my best friends. Initially I was a grouchy, demanding and impatient trainee but overtime I learned to be patient with myself and listen to my body so I could push through the excuses and fatigue ……….. all while still ENJOYING LIFE 🙂 Thank you ERA! :)"

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