Matthew Bolgos

Personal Trainer

Matt Bolgos, From Ann Arbor, Michigan, after high school I chose to join the United States Marine Corps over playing College Football. While enlisted I was assigned to an Infantry platoon and earned the position of a Team Leader, where I found myself leading squads and teams through rigorous training sessions, sparking my love for fitness. After the Marine Corps, I enrolled in exercise science courses and began pursuing certifications through the Poliquin PICP program, FRC/FCA and Kilo Strength Society course. While going to school, I became a personal trainer at a local gym where I trained men and women of all ages. After a few years, I decided that wasn’t enough so I moved to Chicago to Train at a Private gym training Athletes at all levels, 11 year old baseball players, College Football, Basketball and Hockey players all the way up to NFL, MMA and other Professional Athletes. I hope to use the tools he gained in the military and the knowledge I acquired from college and certifications to help develop the minds and bodies of my clients. For fun I like to watch Football and hang out by the water.

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